The Past

The band first came together November 2014, and was formed by

Laszlo Juhos (drums)
Dmitry Sukhinin (vocals)
Audun Melbye (guitars)
Martin Storm-Olsen (guitars)

Audun brought in some songs from his former band – Pieces – which gave us a starting point.

The songs brought in from Pieces brought the band on a track that expressed more than just plain death metal. Dmitry was politely thrown out of the band less than a year after the band was formed. The main concern was that the band was taking a melodic/technical direction and his vocal style just did not suit the band, considering the direction we were heading.

Reduced to a three piece, aiming for a five piece line-up, the search for new members continued. After trying out serveral bass players, the position was filled fall 2015, by Simon Martin Svensson.

January 2016, we settled on the band name “Coldflesh”.

In the summer of 2016 we started recording our first studio album. We were still short of a singer, but thought a public release would help attract the right person.

After auditioning serveral singers, Daniel Rodríguez Flys joined the band as our lead vocalist early 2017. Regrettably, soon after joining the band he found out that he had to leave the country, and there was no practical way to keep him in the band.

May 2017 Martin Storm-Olsen – Founding guitarist – decided to leave the band. His other bands were progressing faster and he decided to put his efforts into his other bands. He was replaced by Øystein Hansen.

Fall of 2017 Audun Audrvin Ween joined the band as a singer. He left the band a few months later, but made a lasting contribution by writing the lyrics for “Eradicate the Futile”

Spring of 2018 We decided to kick Øystein Hansen due to lack of dedication. He was replaced by Robin Berg Pettersen, which also decided to take on the role as a lead singer. He had very little experience with doing vocals, and spent a few months of training before being ready to lay down vocals for our album.

Finally we had landed a solid line-up of dedicated and capable musicians. This lasted for more than a year, until Simon Decided to leave the band in August 2019 – he decided to leave the metal-scene alltogether and focus on jazz. At this point the debut album had been reduced to a 4 track EP, reason being that some of the songs were not recorded under ideal conditions. Although we had spent countless hours working on these recordings, ceritain tracks were not showing their full potential, and were therefore postponed to our next release.

November 2019 Magnus Slettebø joined as our new bass player and our lineup was once again complete.

As of march 2020, our EP is now right around the corner, and we’re looking forward to playing some gigs this summer.