The Past

The band came together November 2014 without a name and was formed by

Laszlo Juhos(drums)
Dmitry Sukhinin (vocals)
Audun Melbye (guitars)
Martin Storm-Olsen (guitars)

..with an aim to play death metal.

After a couple of trial covers, in order for everyone to get comfy, Audun brought in some songs from his former band, Pieces. With these originals in their luggage, the band started looking for a bass player to complete the lineup.

The songs brought in from Pieces brought the band on a track that expressed more than just plain death metal. As a result, while the band was still in the early stages of finding it’s form, all members at the time came to a mutual agreement. Dmitry’s vocal style and the time he had available for the project weren’t on track with what the band required. As a result, Dmitry, still being a good friend, parted with the band early 2015.

Reduced to a three piece, aiming for a five piece line-up, the search for new members continued. The bass player position was filled fall 2015, by Simon Martin Svensson.

Still on the lookout for a vocalist, the band finally settled on a name, January 2016, and became “Coldflesh”.

…and the story continues…